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the average person takes an estimated 5000 steps per day. factor in the quality of new york streets and designer shoes, and you have a perfect cocktail for bruised feet. ensure your shoe has enough room for proper blood circulation.

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All LUXE pedicures include the Callus Eliminator treatment (if needed). Callus Eliminator breaks down built up callused skin, allowing a smoother softer exfoliation. It is the safe way to remove dry calluses skin from the feet.

Callus Treatment can be added to pedicures for additional charge.

More than just polish, a pedicure is a treatment for the skin, cuticles, nails and calluses on the feet. While we love the cosmetic result, a pedicure is maintaining more than polish. Choose the pedicure that addresses your needs and maintain your feet and keeps them looking and feeling their very best.

Polish Bar Pedicure
a standard pedicure service with filing and buffing the nail, cuticle treatment, exfoliation and massage,PBB quality base coat, polish and topcoat.   Choose from a large variety of top tier and vegan friendly polishes.


Recommended for Dry Callused Skin, We Never Razor! w/callus treatment +$5

Recommended for Tired Feet w/10 min massage +$12

Paraffin Pedicure
a Signature Pedicure service with a hot oil wax wrap. The ultimate in hydration and softening effects for dry skin and nails. This is a pampering service is highly recommended for dry skin or those who haven't not indulged in quite awhile.


Minx Manicure
Ultimate in Glam, Minx has been sweeping the nation with its Lightening effect, bold patterns and ever changing style options.

Minx Pedicure $55

Single Nail Design $4/Each Nail

Metal Manicure
A long time favorite is back. This sweet pomegranate anti-bacterial soak begins the service for nail shaping and trimming. A thorough cuticle treatment and exfoliating sugar scrub prepare skin for softening mask and hand massage. Base, Polish and Top Coat.


Cherry & Lime Pedicure
A Longtime favorite of Polish Bar clients. The Brown Sugar Scrub begins with an anti-bacterial soaking salt to soften skin. Expert Nail Shaping and Cuticle Treatment, a Rich Organic Brown Sugar scrub sweetly sloughs away dead skin cells and brings out brighter skin tone and texture. A detoxifying foot mask is then applied to lower legs and feet. Service finishes with soothing foot massage and Superior Base Coat Treatment, Polish and Long wearing Top Coat. (Includes Callus Treatment if needed)

Luxe Pedicure Option* $42

Triple Chocolate Pedicure
Feet are immersed in a soothing jelli bath. Unlike any pedicure you've had before. You are immediately relaxed and forced to play with this fun product. Jelli softens the skin and cuticles thoroughly, prepping them for a more effective sloughing, buffing and cuticle treatment. Exfolaition with a sugar gel scub and massage treatment. base, polish and top coat.


Triple Chocolate Pedicure
This skin-softening service begins with a milk and honey skin softening soak, a sweet sugar scrub and vanilla infused massage service


Triple Chocolate Pedicure
A Polish Bar fave. A sweet citrus zest, raw bone sugar scrub, aromatic mint with an extended massage and hot towel wrap.


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